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Our main goal is to partner with financial institutions in improving their top line by shifting more clients to digital channels, using sales process automation, running cross-sell initiatives, as well as reducing their cost base with process robotization and reduction in reserves with automated debt collection.

We believe that in the years to come, Customer Engagement and Employee Experience will be a competitive ground for both traditional and neo-banks alike, remaining a lasting differentiating factor.

Our focus are clients in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia.

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What We Do.

  • • Further reduction of manual re-work and errors with (RPA) Robotics Process Automation

  • • Automation of Customer Interactions with chat, voice and video bots.

  • • Improved Customer Engagement with Applied Neuroscience with EEG with eye tracking technologies

  • • Better Employee experience with various team management and attendance monitoring solutions

  • • KYC and AML automation with video identity solutions

  • • Latest mPOS and softPOS solutions for card acceptance and merchant points of sale

  • • Wider acceptance of payment methods for eCommerce merchants

  • • Risk Management and Debt Collections with improved predictive modelling, early warning systems and robot collectors


More of Our Process.

By understanding their product offering on a deeper level, we are able to offer integrated solutions to our customers, helping them to avoid long selection and implementation processes.



with our Clients

Our engagement with our Clients starts with a deep dive into their Customer preferences. We firstly map the available data landscape, mixing internal and external sources of data (from credit bureaus, mobile operators, utility providers, social networks and the like).


our Clients

We then assist our Clients in choosing the right behavioural and emotional research methodologies (from applied neuroscience to advanced analytics) for mapping Customer journeys, based on which we recommend the right communication channels. This can be a mix of robot-live agent communication and extensive us of chatbots, integrated into client’s CRM systems.



As each Customer touch-point triggers some sort of internal mid- and back-office processes, these can today increasingly be automated with the advancements in Robotics Process Automation (RPA). RPA can easily be implemented with practically no need for integration into client’s IT architecture, bringing a measurable Return on Investment.


See Our Partners.

Our partners are a selected group of innovators who are focused on developing new ideas and solutions and have a proven track record of service and solution delivery over time.


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